Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Multi Email Sender / Bulk Email Software

Multi Email Sender atau Bulk Email adalah cara yang digunakan untuk mengrim email secara masif. Biasanya dilakukan untuk mempromosikan suatu product. Software ini salah satu yang banyak dicari, dan cukup mahal jika harus beli aslinya. Dengan software ini bisa juga mengirimkan ke berbagai mailing list. Ada 2 software yang saya berikan disini. Dan keduanya sudah ada cracknya. Jadi silahkan langsung di download.

Multi-Email Sender is a software which sends e-mail to a list of e-mail adresses in HTML or plain format.
What differs from a standard e-mail tool is that it does not need any specific configuration:
1) It does not need any host name for sending e-mail  (SMTP server). It acts as an SMTP relaying software.
2) It does not need DNS name setting : It retrieves the DNS number automatically.

The software is a must for organizations which sends periodic e-mails to a mailing list. It has a control mechanism which validates e-mail addresses in the list, seperates the failed and the successful ones into the text files and generates a log file for errors occured.

In case of interruption such as internet disconnection or closure of the software, It saves the last actions and resumes its processes.


Advanced Mass Sender is a powerful tool for delivering your message to your subscribers and associates. It allows you to maintain numerous mailing lists and sender accounts. It’s simple interface makes it easy to send your marketing, support and informational message to a great number of people.

Program interface is easy to use. All the settings are visually grouped. This software allows two methods of sending:
-    Via built-in SMTP server. In this mode your computer turns into a powerful email server, that would deliver your message straight to the recipients’ mailboxes on their servers.
-    Via multiple remote SMTP servers. This option is good when you already have an SMTP server or want redundant connectivity.

AMS also includes full proxy server support, ideal for secure corporate network setups and small office networks. Included is support for Dial-Up (modem) connections.  AMS software will even restore the connection in case of disconnection from your Internet Server Provider and continue the assigned task.

Product Feature:

§    Powerful built-in SMTP server. Allows your computer to become an email server capable of sending your message to hundreds of subscribers per minute.
§    Support for mailing through many remote SMTP servers simultaneously.
§    Built-In utility to validate email addresses.
§    Complete support of SOCKS (4/4a/5) proxy servers.
§    Built-in HTML editor with complete support of tables, pictures and hyperlinks.
§    Complete support of various character sets.
§    Support for messages in Plain Text and HTML formats, as well is multi-part messages.
§    Support for all methods of sending - To/CC/BCC/Direct Delivery/Personal Copy.
§    Ability to separate address lists into recipient groups.
§    Support for Dial-Up connections. Automatic establishment and restoration of a dial-up connection.
§    MailList Validator checks for inactive accounts without actually sending emails.
§    Processing of mailing lists including:
o    Import subscriber email addresses manually or from files.
o    Import email addresses from Windows Address Books (WAB).
o    Compare and sort email lists.
o    Remove addresses based on an email list or mask.  Can be file based.
o    Search email addresses with the ability to save the results to a file.
o    Remove duplicates.
o    Sort email lists alphabetically.
o    Sort email lists according to the domain.
o    Import from Microsoft Excel 97-2000, Microsoft Access 97-2000, D-Base 3-5, and Paradox 3-7.
§    Ability to maintain many Sender Accounts (one for each department, mailing list, etc.)
§    Ability to include attachments with your message (presentations, documents, etc.)
§    Database repair utility
§    Mail Merge ability in Personal Copy mode, which allows for personalizing each sent message.
§    History of sent messages

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