Monday, March 23, 2009

New Y! Intai 2.F

Y! Intai 2.F
for Windows 98/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista
Copyright (c) 2004-2009, Downstruck

Y! Intai is an application to be used along with Yahoo! Messenger for Windows with ability to reveal users are online or not even if they are in invisible mode and its built-in sophisticated webcam viewer. It has its own user (buddy) list. The name of Y! Intai consists two words which are Y! for Yahoo! and intai for spy in Bahasa Indonesia.

Y! Intai features are:

* Main
o User online and webcam detection with automatic refresh
o Option for relogin before performing automatic refresh (2.6)
o User list interface in drag-and-drop enabled tree view with grouping and representatives glyphs
o Additional user information with picture (2.B)
o Last online status of user (2.D)
o List only online users or include the offline ones (2.7)
o Examine online status nicely as charts (2.C)
o Main window includes list webcam viewer windows. (2.9)
o Smileys are everywhere (2.5)
o User list export and import functions. Exporting is by selection. (2.C)
o Validate user list avoiding redundant entries (2.C)
o Display user list as web page report for then you can save locally ready to be published (2.C)
* Webcam related
o Seek webcam of user in list or not (2.3)
o Built-in webcam viewer in anonymous mode or not
o Available to poll viewers automatically (2.D)
o Webcam viewer can persistently request access
o Webcam viewer has smart zoom option
o Hide viewer name from webcam owner (2.7) - disabled by Yahoo!
o Dynamic webcam viewer's icon for easy notice (2.4)
o Automatic or manual capture received webcam images as JPEG files
o Intelligently only capture image part
o Built-in image optimization on-the-fly when capturing webcam (2.A)
o Diff-Sense allows capture engine to skip same images (2.C)
o Parameterized server names (New 2.F)
* Boot related
o Low profile boot module
* Plug-in related
o Built with simple plug-in engine (DLL) (2.A)
o Distributed with installation: Anti Viewer, Convert Date Folder, Gallery, Merge, Video Maker, View Profile, and Sample (with source Delphi 7) (2.A)
* More
o Send quick message (2.1)
o Full stealth spy (2.2)
o Customizable preferences
o Text input controls with history
o Uses text-to-speech technology (2.D)
o Can minimize to tray with animated icons (2.8)
o Uses configuration settings (INI) file instead of messing up the registry
o Built with standard controls to ensure convenient usage
o ADO and multi-thread powered (2.E)

Some minimum requirements needed:

- Windows 98/NT4
- Yahoo! Messenger 6
- Yahoo! account(s); 3 or more recommended

Remember to preserve rather big free harddisk space if you often use automatic capture of webcam images.

Currently, I have no intention to write user manual or online help file since this application has been built to be used very easy with comprehensive user interface. This application's website has information on using this software. You’d be familiar with Y! Intai in seconds. I’m not interested to build a forum for discussing Y! Intai. You can use the website's guestbook to interact with me and others. Please, send your feedback about Y! Intai in guestbook.

License Agreement

Y! Intai is a freeware and copyrighted by Downstruck. All other brands or products mentioned are subjects to their respective owners. Y! Intai can be used and/or distributed freely but the content should not be modified. Making money from this application is not allowed. Scan this application distribution for viruses, trojans, or other malicious threats before using it since I cannot guarantee it is as original as I uploaded it to the internet. By downloading and using Y! Intai you are agreed to be responsible for anything you do using this software.

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