Monday, March 23, 2009

Y!Booter Pro By Elite World Team 2009

Description: 1000 multi bots login with 3 hard boot option to boot your victim

boot option list:

Fast Boot - To Send many pm in your victim list to hang the computer of your victim and restart the pc

Pm Bomb - Send 1000 pm with the buzz bomb you need

C++ - Sent errror to dc the yahoo messenger

load many bots like 1000 or 500 good bots for better result
after you boot 1 id dont forget to refresh or relogin just logout then login again your bots to working the next comming packets..

see in my screen shot i load 85 bots all my 84 bots are login with online status so thats mean this booter is 100 percent working login and sent the packets to boot just register all .ocx .dll files in the folder of Y!Booter Pro By Elite World Team 2009.

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