Monday, March 23, 2009

R4 S-Booter v1.8


-NEW R4 Charge and Release Packet for Hitting Single User or 5 Victims on a Custom boot List!
-Upgraded to 1000 Bot Login!
-Alterations To Login Method No Longer using Inets for the SSL part of Login. Can Run Login at Any Speed!
-Added R4 Invites DC Booter Built In, With Seperate Multi Bot Login For Seperate Bots! Joins Bots to A room atleast 30! I use 60!
(I use 60 joined into 2 different rooms, join 30 to some random empty room liek UK:22 then after joining 30...,
i change room name to like UK:24 an Continue joining the Remaining Logged in Bots!...,
This Booter CAN BOOT cs130.msg.ac4 Server with 30- 60 Packets Only! Charged and Release! Also Will boot Any Other Servers Any Client!,
BUT THIS CANNOT DC YHOOK IN WEBMODE!!! Has a Max Login of 60 Bots!! Much More Powerful than Uber Booter or any other!)


-Single Victim R4 DC Charge an Release!


NOTE: Must First Show Room Bot from Top Menu, Then Login a ID (Not oen the Bots already logged in) And Joint he Room you wish to Attack!

-If Room Bot in Room you are able to Tick the option to Charge an Release Multi Victim Boot the whole Room List the Room Bot has!!

-Y Crash Quick Boot, One Logged in bot per Victim Sends Y! open pm crash exploit, to crash a open pms yahoo user! For Each user on the Rom Bot Room List!

-Kill Room Users! << This Cycles Room List, Each Logged In Bot Attacking the Next User on Room List, When reachs end of room list, cycles back to the Top of list!
Until all Logged in bots are attacking 1 Victim! Then pasues for 15 seconds, and Repeats. Untill you manually stop it!
This Room boot option has 6 Packet types it can be attacking with! Just Tick the ones you wish to be attacking with!
NOTE: This is mostly only effective on all the Open PMs Yahoo Users!


-There is a Safelist Text Box, You can Add any Users in Room, or yourself to, to make the RoomList Boot functions not effect the user ID's in the Text Box!

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