Friday, April 25, 2008

Top 5 Booter by All Category

Top 5 The Best Booter

* Free Version:
1. Decent Booter V 2.32 by Cj Delphi

2. YM Rebooted or Other by Pshyco
3. Serial Killer V2 by Serial Killer
4. Maximum Mayhem V17 by Expulsion
5. X-Ploit HIT II by Maddmaxx

* Crack Version
1. Professional Booter V.14 by Killer Anas
2. Raw Boot V.3 by N2R
3. Exploit Boot V4 by N2R
4. Super Boot V4 by N2R
5. 1 Smart Boot Elite V25 by N2R

* Booter with Unbootable Chat Client
1. Chat Killer V.30 by N2R booter support gawd mode untuk chat client
2. Yah Fucked V1.20 built in booter, boot protection, room locker, dll
3. Room Domination room spammer, chat client tanpa gawd
4. Superspy V.28 by N2R Good booter tp kurang bagus proteksi dari booter
5. Room Destroy 59 Power Hittingnya cukup bagus, room spammernya jadi salah satu yg terfavorit, dan proteksi dari booter cukup baik

* Paid Version:

1. YSuper Booter by CJ Delphi

I've tested it, a person on dial up can boot a person on a 10mbit connection using just 18 ids lol, it will kill any messenger user, any YAM / JAM, and any other 3rd party client including yahelite.

This booter is unique, it will not get your ID's banned and if you decide to share this booter if you decide to buy it, you will be risking yahoo patching it.

2. Psycho SBooter + Room Terror by Psycho

* Client Optionnya gak jalan

3. Universial Destruction Trial by Expulsion

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