Thursday, April 24, 2008

Universal Destruction Trial by Expulsion

Download Universal Destruction Trial by Expulsion

Ini adalah trial version. Rooom This is the trial version. Ada beberapa fungsi yang di disable dalam trial version ini, diantaranya, option room, account locker, single id maker, sedangkan untuk booter option, hanya exploit bootnya saja yang ditiadakan. Tapi tetep, meskipun trial, power hittingnya cukup baik dan gak perlu diragukan lagi deh booter buatan expulsion mah

Booter option:
Messy Disconnect---What do you think it does? It boots messenger

Client Disconnect---Same thing as above, only for clients

Mix Disconnect---Mixes messy DC and Client DC packets

Game Disconnect---Hmmm..I wonder

IMV Disconnect---This is a wonderful boot if the victim has IMV on. And even if they don't, it'll still smack em

PM Bomb---Again, I wonder

Popcorn Bomb---Ah yes, this is a single character pm bomb, perfect for that buttery popcorn you love

Custom PM Bomb---Mixes that pm bomb with your own customized message

Buzz Bomb---Makes their boxes shake and goes "ding"

Smiley Bomb---Fill the victims screen up with smileys

Color Bomb---Fills screen with pretty colors

Contact Bomb---Sends bots contact details to victim

Audible Bomb---Give your victim a feel-good audible bomb...make em feel real special

Yahelite Bomb---This is a little sumthin special I mixed up just for that Yahelite chat client

All client Bomb---For the rest of those chat clients out there...yes, one option for all of em...if you can't boot it, you don't know what you're doing and you need to just unplug your computer (seriously though, if you can't, use more bots and play with your settings)

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